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KEEPSAKE Classic Alloy Urn -8808- Camo Swirl

KEEPSAKE Classic Alloy Urn -8808- Camo Swirl

Keepsake Camo Swirl Alloy Urn

Hand lacquering gives an almost liquid appearance to our keepsake Camo Swirl Alloy Urn.

Deep browns and olive greens combine to give a camouflage appearance. The sleek classic shape is another hallmark of this urn. The threaded lid offers a secure closure.

  • Dimensions: 2.93"H x 1.80" diameter (body) [7.45x4.58 Cm]
  • Capacity: 3 cu. in.

This Camo Swirl Alloy Urn is also available in Adult size (at an additional price). The picture shows it as a reference only.

Alloy: Alloys combine two or more elements, at least one of which is a metal. Bogati alloy urns can be made up of aluminum alloys, bronze alloys, or nickel alloys. All alloys used in Bogati urns are lightweight, strong, and durable and can showcase many decorative finishes.

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