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KEEPSAKE -Classic Alloy Urn -1981- Camouflage Design

KEEPSAKE -Classic Alloy Urn -1981- Camouflage Design

Green Camouflage Keepsake Alloy Urn

The adult-sized Classic Alloy Urn features a hand-finished green camouflage design and a threaded lid for a secure closure, while a felt-lined base ensures lasting protection. Perfect for the hunting aficionado, this urn is ideal for commemorating a beloved memory. 

  • Dimensions: 2.87" H x 1.90" W
  • Diameter: Lid: 1.42, Base: 1.20", Body: 1.90"
  • Capacity: 3 Cu. in.

Other sizes available: Adut

Alloy Bogati urns utilize alloys, which comprise two or more components, including at least one metal. Aluminum, bronze, and nickel alloys are regularly employed to manufacture Bogati urns, as these alloys possess desirable characteristics such as being lightweight, robust, and long-lasting and boasting a variety of decorative finishes.

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