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KEEPSAKE - Classic Alloy Urn -1310- Gloss finish

KEEPSAKE - Classic Alloy Urn -1310- Gloss finish


1310 Keepsake Alloy Urn Gloss finish

Intense tones combine with black on this urn to give an incredible depth of color to this original pattern.  The tones seem to change with the movement of light over the urn. Our 1310 Keepsake Alloy urn features a pewter-tone band at the base of the lid.

The threaded lid of this keepsake offers a secure closure. It also has a felt-lined base.

  • Dimensions: 2.82" H x 1.78" W [7.18 x 4.93 Cm]
  • Capacity: 3 Cu. In.

 Alloy:  Alloys are formed by combining two or more elements, with at least one being a metal. Bogati urns incorporate alloys made from aluminum, bronze, or nickel. These alloys are known for their lightweight, durable, and robust properties, making them ideal for showcasing a wide range of decorative finishes.

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