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J-2050 Dragonfly Locket with Insert - Pendant with Chain

J-2050 Dragonfly Locket with Insert - Pendant with Chain

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Dragonfly Locket with Insert - Memorial Necklace

An intricately detailed locket with a dragonfly design embracing a gold, rose gold, or rainbow capsule. All in high-quality stainless steel.

This pendant opens to reveal an oval capsule.  The capsule unscrews to accept a small amount of cremains or other tokens. After filling, we recommend a dot of glue for secure closure. Please note that in order to open the locket, the chain needs to be removed.

This Dragonfly Locket with Insert comes with a 22” silver-tone chain and a double-stitched microfiber jewelry pouch.

  • Dimensions:  1.33” H (includes bail) x .80” Diameter
  • Dimensions Inner Capsule:  .59” H x .41” Diameter

Stainless Steel is an alloy of mainly iron and carbon. Adding other elements changes its properties. For example, chromium works to form a passive film which increases the corrosion resistance and, in turn, minimizes rust.

The unique properties of this metal blend, its appearance, and its low need for maintenance all make it a strong choice for many applications and especially for jewelry.

Through the process of electroplating, it produces rich gold, rose gold, silver, black, or other vibrant colors.

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