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J-BRAC-07- Smooth Brown Leather Bracelet with Plaque

J-BRAC-07- Smooth Brown Leather Bracelet with Plaque

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Leather band with Plaque - Memorial bracelet

This bracelet has a simple and practical design: a smooth band of brown bonded leather with a high-quality stainless steel silver clasp. Opposite the clasp and also in stainless steel, it has a silver plaque with a smooth beautiful finish. Fits wrists measuring about 7.25" or 8.50".

The plaque serves as a compartment. It has a tiny screw hidden on the side that opens to hold a small amount of cremains or other mementos. After filling and prior to closing the compartment, we recommend a dot of glue to ensure it stays in place.

This Bonded Leather band with Plaque comes with its own double-stitched microfiber jewelry pouch.

  • Dimensions:  7.25” (length when open). [18.40 Cms] or 8.5” (length when open). [21.60 Cm]
  • Compartment:  1.41” L x .39” W x .25” D [3.58 x 1 x 0.64 Cms]

We recommend using non-abrasive products to clean this bracelet or any other high-quality stainless steel piece of jewelry. 

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