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J-BRAC-06- Braided Leather Bracelet with Silver Clasp

J-BRAC-06- Braided Leather Bracelet with Silver Clasp

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Braided Leather Cremation Bracelet 

A tightly woven brown or black leather (bonded leather) has a magnetic stainless steel clasp to secure it.  

Opposite the clasp, there is a stainless steel cylinder that unscrews to hold a tiny amount of cremains.  Please note that it is easier to fill the cylinder when the clasp is open. After filling and prior to closing it, we recommend a dot of glue on the screw for secure closure. 

This Braided Leather Bracelet comes with its own double-stitched microfiber jewelry pouch.

  • Available in two sizes
  • 7.25” (length when open) x Cylinder:  0.38” diameter [18.41x0.96 Cm]
  • 8.5"(length when open) x Cylinder: 0.38"diameter [21.59 x 0.96 Cm]

Stainless Steel: It is an alloy of mainly iron and carbon. This metal is known for its high strength, malleable nature, and durability. As a result, It is easy to work with and has an attractive silvery tone.

This material is ideal for all kinds of applications and especially for jewelry. Through the process of electroplating, it produces rich gold, rose gold, silver, black, or other vibrant colors.

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