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ADULT - Simple Alloy Urn -5-5050- Fire Department Emblem

ADULT - Simple Alloy Urn -5-5050- Fire Department Emblem

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Adult Simple Alloy Urn with Fire Department Emblem

Cast from lightweight aluminum, this urn showcases a US Fire Department Emblem Disc. Ideal for cost-conscious families. The notched lid twists for secure closure.

This Adult Simple Alloy Urn with Emblem will help you assist your families in showing respect for their loved one's military service. These full-color circular medallions honor each one of the 3 military branches: Army, Marine Corps, or Navy.

Each disc is etched, enameled & embossed in a Litho printing process to show love and support for those who have served. Brilliant durable printed colors raised logo.  Officially licensed through Classic Medallics Inc.

This Aluminum Sheet Urn with Emblem is available in three different colors.

  • Dimensions:7" D x 7.5" H
  • Capacity: 200 cu. in.
  • Disc: 4" Diameter
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