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ADULT Classic Brass urn -1541- Color Perfection - High-gloss

ADULT Classic Brass urn -1541- Color Perfection - High-gloss


Adult Shiny Finish Brass Urn

Regal purple or Red is polished to a high sheen before artisans seal it with a fine mist of lacquer.  Families will appreciate the elegant edging on the rim that makes this adult shiny finish brass urn so distinctive.  Hand-crafting by skilled artisans ensures that this urn will stand the test of time.  This urn will engrave beautifully for an additional charge.

The threaded lid at the top provides a secure seal for the cremains in the container. This urn has a felt-lined base. 

  • Dimensions: approx. 10" H x 6.15" W
  • Diameter: Lid 4.38" , Body 6.15", Base 3.5"
  • Capacity: 200 cu. in.  

 Brass:  Brass is a combination of copper and zinc.  It has historically been prized for its hardness and workability.  Brass has endured due to its bright appearance and ease of workmanship with both hand tools and turning machines. 

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