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ADULT Brass Urn -2263- Brushed Pewter with Brass Hearts

ADULT Brass Urn -2263- Brushed Pewter with Brass Hearts

Adult Brass Urn with Hearts

This meticulously crafted urn showcases multiple brass hearts with pewter-tone bands and is a popular choice amongst families. Artfully created by hand, it features an eye-catching brushed pewter finish, that is further accentuated by fine hand lacquering.

The threaded lid provides a secure closure.  Felt-lined base. 

  • Dimensions:  approx 10.25" H x 6" W
  • Capacity: 60 cu. in.

Also available in Adult, Small and Keepsake sizes.

Brass is a durable combination of copper and zinc that is highly prized for its workability, resilience, and golden hue. Its ability to be molded easily using both hand tools and machinery has made it a widely used metal throughout history.

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