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ADULT Classic Alloy urn - Color Perfection - High-gloss

ADULT Classic Alloy urn - Color Perfection - High-gloss


The Color Perfection Classic Alloy Urn is a timeless and elegant memorial.  This adult-sized urn is crafted from high-quality alloy. It features a stunning, intense color finish that embodies a sense of respect. The high-gloss finish adds a touch of sophistication to the urn's exterior. A subtle light silver color band adorns the edge of the lid.

A threaded lid provides a secure seal for the cremains stored inside the container, while the felt-lined base ensures that it sits securely and safely on any surface.

  • Dimensions: approx. 10″ H x 6.15″ W
  • Diameter: Lid 4.60″ , Body 6.15″, Base 3.8″
  • Capacity: 200 cu. in.

This classic alloy urn  is also available in keepsake size, for an additional charge.  Shown in the picture as a reference.

Alloy:  An aluminum alloy is a type of metal that combines aluminum with one or more other elements, such as copper, zinc, or magnesium. This mixture creates a material with enhanced properties, including increased strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion.  All alloys urns from Bogati are lightweight, robust, durable, and can showcase many decorative finishes.

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