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KEEPSAKE - Rubberwood Heart Urn -1023-

KEEPSAKE - Rubberwood Heart Urn -1023-

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Heart-shaped Rubberwood Keepsake Urn

The urn features a heart-shaped design and unique wood grain. The urn’s moderate price is ideal for family budgets and will fit well with any of your cremation packages.

Heart-shaped Rubberwood Keepsake Urn opens from the base that is secured by 2 screws.

  • Dimensions: 3"x 3"x 1" (7.85x7.85x2.60 Cms)
  • Capacity:  2 to 3  cu. in. 

Wooden Urn Disclaimer: Some species of wood have unique grain characteristics that may cause the final finish to look darker or lighter in some areas. Our company has no control over variations caused by nature. Therefore Bogati Urns can't guarantee an exact match to the photo shown. Accordingly, we cannot accept returns due to natural variations.

Rubberwood Info: Rubberwood is a light-colored tropical hardwood with medium density. It comes from the Pará rubber tree grown in rubber plantations for their latex. Rubberwood is an “environmentally friendly” wood as it makes use of plantation trees that have already served a useful purpose

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