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Jewelry Package: Paw Print Cylinders #1

Jewelry Package: Paw Print Cylinders #1

Paw Prints Cylinders - Jewelry pack - 6 pieces

This is a variety of six high-quality stainless steel cylinder pendants with its own set of paw prints. The necklaces come with a white linen jewelry display. 

Each pendant opens with a threaded bail or a small hidden screw to accept a small amount of cremains. See each pendant's individual descriptions for this information.  After filling and prior to closing them, we recommend a dot of glue to ensure they stay in place. 

Each pendant in this Paw Prints Cylinders Pack is supplied with a 22” matching color snake chain (about 55 Cm) and a double-stitched microfiber jewelry pouch.

This jewelry package includes these pendants:

  • J-076 - Cylinder with White Paws
  • J-137 - Cylinder with Poem 
  • J-016 - Cylinder with One Paw 
  • J-473 - Cylinder with Three Paws 
  • J-600 - Bar with Four Paws 
  • J-1278 - Banded Paw Print Cylinder 
    It also includes a high-quality soft white linen jewelry display. The display measures  9.5″ W x 5″ H x 2.75″ D     [24x12.7x7 Cm]
    We recommend using non-abrasive products to clean stainless steel jewelry.
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