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Kiri Biodegradable Urns - GINKGO

Kiri Biodegradable Urns - GINKGO

Plant a Tree, Plant a Story - A noble way to honor the ones we love. 
Kiri is an urn of 100% biodegradable material, designed to contain the ashes of a loved one and germinate a tree from them. The urn provides the right conditions for the growth and development of the chosen species, turning the ashes into a tree.
  • Kiri presents a creative and innovative solution being respectful of the environment, it is 100% biodegradable and friendly with planet earth. It is economical and maintenance-free. The low unit costs make the KIRI urn an accessible product for all socio-economic segments. It’s simple and can be used by anyone.
The Urn is prepared to contain 2kg of ashes

The KIRI urn can be planted anywhere a tree could be planted. This includes gardens, forests, orchards, and pots (any space with fertile soil capable of containing the urn, including pots).

The Kit includes instructions, a Biodegradable Urn, a bag with premium fertile soil, a packet of seeds.


    This ancient deciduous tree is easily recognized by its unique fan-shaped leaves that turn a deep yellow in the fall and pale grey bark. A very hearty species the Ginkgo makes a lovely bonsai especially in the city due to it being relatively pest-free and pollution tolerant. An outdoor Bonsai, the Ginkgo requires winter protection in colder climates, store either in a garage, shed, or bury.

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