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Kiri Biodegradable Urns - AUTUMN BLAZE RED MAPLE TREE

Kiri Biodegradable Urns - AUTUMN BLAZE RED MAPLE TREE

Plant a Tree, Plant a Story - A noble way to honor the ones we love. 
Kiri is an urn of 100% biodegradable material, designed to contain the ashes of a loved one and germinate a tree from them. The urn provides the right conditions for the growth and development of the chosen species, turning the ashes into a tree.
  • Kiri presents a creative and innovative solution being respectful of the environment, it is 100% biodegradable and friendly with planet earth. It is economical and maintenance-free. The low unit costs make the KIRI urn an accessible product for all socio-economic segments. It’s simple and can be used by anyone.
The Urn is prepared to contain 2kg of ashes

The KIRI urn can be planted anywhere a tree could be planted. This includes gardens, forests, orchards, and pots (any space with fertile soil capable of containing the urn, including pots).

The Kit includes instructions, a Biodegradable Urn, a bag with premium fertile soil, a packet of seeds.

    Autumn Blaze Red Maple Tree

    Red maple is a wide-ranging native tree that is very well adapted to most soil and site conditions. This species is one of the early harbingers of fall as it turns color well in advance of other eastern deciduous trees, especially when it is located in wet sites. The fiery colors of fall are typically brilliant red. Conversely, it is also one of the earliest flowering trees in the spring. Red maple has the smallest winged seeds (samaras) of all native maples, about 5/8-3/4 inches long. Also, the samaras ripen in the spring- a trait shared only with silver maple which has much larger samaras. This maple is a medium-sized tree with fairly rapid growth (2-5 ft/yr), but not as fast as the much larger growing silver maple.

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