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Jewelry Package: Best Seller Keychains

Jewelry Package: Best Seller Keychains

Keychain Best Sellers Jewelry Package  - 6 pieces

This white linen "T" stand with wooden base perfectly displays six keychains that are sure best sellers.  Families will notice this eyecatching feature in your showroom or on a conference table.

Each keychain opens to accept a small amount of cremains, (see each pendant's individual descriptions for filling information since they may open from the bail, side, or base). 

Each piece in this Keychain Best Sellers Jewelry package comes with a silver keychain. They also include a double-stitched microfiber jewelry pouch.

The Best Sellers Keychain package includes:

  • J-1030 - Shotgun Shell
  • J-1034 - Bullet (silver-tone)
  • J-1918 - Antique Sphere
  • J-006 - "Always In My Heart"
  • J-305 - Paisley Flower Heart
  • J-2256 - American Eagle

This special keychain package also includes one white linen jewelry display stand [RB057 - White Linen "T"- Display Stand with Wooden Base]

Stainless Steel is an alloy of mainly iron and carbon. Adding other elements changes its properties. For example, chromium works to form a passive film which increases the corrosion resistance and, in turn, minimizes rust. 

The unique properties of this metal blend, its appearance, and its low need for maintenance all make it a strong choice for many applications and especially for jewelry. Through the process of electroplating, it produces rich gold, rose gold, silver, black, or other vibrant colors.



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