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Beautifully made wooden photo frame urn with white wash finish and visible natural wood grains and solid mahogany wood legs.

Perfect for the Farmhouse Modern decor.

Glass photo front holds a 5″ x 7″ photo.

Securely closes with five screws.


8″ L x 5.75″ D x 11″ H (height includes base)

Capacity: 260 cu. in.

West Short – Artist Series – Adult Urns

Illustrations by West Short, an artist and illustrator currently working in Sarasota, Florida where he was born and raised. What started as an interest in drawing and linework eventually grew into a career as both a freelancer and independent artist where he can express his love for detail and craftsmanship with the world. Working traditionally and digitally, he often sketches and inks pieces by hand before photographing and coloring them digitally with a tablet and stylus.  While his work often illustrates whimsical figures and otherworldly scenery, this collection reflects the beauty of our world in celebration of the ones who shared their lives with us.

Portfolio and more at www.adeptwest.com