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Plant a Tree, Plant a Story – A noble way to honor the ones we love.

What exactly is kiri urn?

It is an urn of 100% biodegradable material, designed to contain the ashes of a loved one and germinate a tree from them. The urn provides the right conditions for the growth and development of the chosen species, turning the ashes into a tree.Why use kiri urn?

  • It presents a creative and innovative solution being respectful of the environment, looking for a new way of understanding and transiting the duel for the loss of a loved one.
  • It is 100% biodegradable and friendly with planet earth. If a large part of the population used the KIRI urn, the results of tree planting could help refrain the greenhouse effect.
  • It is economical and maintenance free. The low unit costs make the KIRI urn an accessible product for all socio-economic segments. It’s simple, its design applied to the user experience makes the KIRI urn can be used by anyone.

The Kit Includes:

  • Packaging with instructions
  • Biodegradable Urn (Upper and Lower Compartment)
  • A bag with premium fertile soil
  • A packet of seeds

Malus Brandywine

An upright, spreading ornamental tree. Egg-shaped leaves are green with a reddish tint and turn maroon in fall. Fragrant, double, rose-pink flowers in spring mature to large green fruit in late summer. Fall color is as good a show as the flowers are in spring. Best planted in large open areas where fruit drop doesn’t matter. Perfect for farm or ranch properties. VERY HARDY & EASY TO GROW!

Hardy to -30°F, Maximum Elevation: 8,000 ft.

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What amount of ashes can it contain?

The Urn is prepared to contain 2kg of ashes. It should be borne in mind that the cremation of
an average adult produces approximately 2kg of ashes.

Where can the kiri urn be planted?

The KIRI urn can be planted anywhere a tree could be planted. This includes gardens,
forests, orchards and pots.

Can it be planted in a pot?

The KIRI urn can be planted in any space with fertile soil capable of containing the urn,
including pots.