Himalayan Rock Salt Urns – Athena Medium


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The Passages Himalayan Rock Salt Urns are individually hand-crafted from solid blocks of Himalayan rock salt deposits over 250 million years old, believed to be the purest salt deposits on earth. As a result of the handmade and natural qualities of the Passages Salt Urns, each is unique in both color and finish. The urns will dissolve within 4 hours when placed in water. Minor cracking and chips occur naturally, adding to the character of these beautiful urns.

We hand-inspect each salt urn from our manufacturer and occasionally receive products that don’t fully meet our quality control standards. These urns are structurally solid and completely functional, but because they come straight out of the ground and onto the production lathes there can be various cosmetic flaws such as discoloration or other visual imperfections.

Our Himalayan Rock Salt Urns are made by hand and will vary in appearance. These urns meet federal regulations requiring all containers used for burials at sea be 100% biodegradable. Check with local agencies to ensure that you are following all appropriate federal and local guidelines or regulations, such as distance from the shore.

Passages® eco-friendly funeral products give families the opportunity to honor a loved one after their passing with a smaller environmental footprint. We believe that, especially when a person valued sustainability during their life, it is important to have the option for a greener end-of-life ritual. If cremation is chosen, our biodegradable urns offer a variety of options for ceremonies that return the cremated remains to the earth.

Dimensions: 6.25″Dia. x 8.5″H

Capacity: up to 90 cu. in.